Release time : 2016-01-04

At JALA’s annual meeting held on January 24, 2016, an impressive video  “Fifteen, the Year of JiJi ” opened JALA’s 15th Anniversary celebration activities. In ancient China, when a girl reached the age of 15, an elder would make a special hairdo, marking her womanhood. This is referred to as the ceremony of JiJi, or the year of JiJi.

Founded in 2001, the JALA Group reached the age of 15 in 2016. Inspired by the ancient ritual, JALA’s Chairman/President Chunying Zheng produced and acted in the video, in which he combed the dancer’s hair, made the bun, put in the hairpin, and sent her off to a greater stage with loving expectations. It symbolizes that in 15 years JALA has grown into a stunning beauty and she will become even more gorgeous as time goes by.

As the video ends the dancer transforms into the figure 1, against the background of a vast space in nature, symbolizing a central position between heaven and earth. It expresses that the core value of JALA is to make life better for all its staff, clients and customers, as well as the entire humanity.

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