JALA Makes Its Second Annual Donation to China Children and Teenagers’Fund

Release time : 2016-01-26

To continue to show its care for “left-behind children” in China as part of its practice of corporate social responsibility, Jala Group (JALA) donated RMB 1 million to China Children and Teenagers’ Fund (CCTF) on 2014 China Children’s Charity Day on July 28. It is the second donation JALA has made to CCTF since the charity project themed “Chando Cares for Left-behind Children” was launched in April 2013.


Shen Yueyue (row 2, fifth from left), Vice-chairman of the Chinese NPC Standing Committee and President of All-China Women’s Federation, awards certificates of honor to JALA and other over 40 corporate and individual donors


Chen Xiaoxia (left), Secretary General of CCTF, receives JALA’s 2014 donation of RMB 1 million


The certificate of honor awarded to JALA by CCTF

About “Chando Cares for Left-behind Children” Project

The 8-year charity project known as “Chando Cares for Left-behind Children” is jointly administered by CCTF and Chando, a cosmetic brand owned by JALA。

The sixth nationwide census shows that China’s population under 18 years of age totals over 300 million, including around 61 million left-behind children。 The majority of left-behind children live in rural areas, and they are “left behind” because their parents have to go far away from home to make a living and support the family。 Living in underprivileged regions in central and western China, these children have no new toys to play with and even no decent schoolbags。 As the future of our nation, they should have lived happily with love and care, but they are often neglected for many reasons。     

In April 2013, the Chando brand under China’s leading cosmetics corporation JALA launched jointly with CCTF the “Chando Cares for Left-behind Children” charity project, and made its first donation of RMB 10 million to CCTF. Focusing on providing care and guidance for left-behind children to ensure their healthy growth and development, this project has testified how Chando endeavors to practically fulfill its corporate social responsibility. 

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