JALA’s Philanthropy Mosuo Ethnic Cultural Project Video Posted on Home Page of UNDP’s Website

Release time : 2016-01-26


According to the congratulatory message from UNDP China office, this video has just been posted on UNDP’s website as a success story!

When you open the home page of the UNDP China website, the image of a Mosuo weaver in a traditional costume immediately catches your eye。 As described in the video: “the bamboo grate loom is made of hundreds of knots; the cloth made of thousands of strands of silk; and the fabric steeped in emotion and sentiments; these are not only daily necessities, but also carry the spiritual heritage of the Mosuo people。” This video vividly captures the ethnic minority’s cultural development project。

The leading Chinese cosmetics group JALA and UNDP China began to work together on the Mosuo project in 2011. It leverages the rich and varied cultural heritage of ethnic groups to build a better life for local communities, to empower women in particular, and to provide them with alternative lifestyles, jobs and income opportunities.

At present the Mosuo handicraft is gaining recognition as a popular brand name with a strong competitive edge and originality. The Mosuo women weavers and their hand-made products definitely have a bright future ahead of them.

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