JALA Receives The Best Performance Management Award as One of The Best HRM Companies in 2015

Release time : 2016-02-26


Jala Group (JALA) has won The Best Performance Management Award for its advanced performance management concept and system in the 2015 Best HRM Companies Selection launched by China’s largest human resource service provider 51job to identify and reward excellent employers in the country. With strong credibility and influence, the awards represent the greatest honor in the field of human resource in China. The organizing committee has selected the shortlisted candidates from 420,000 companies across China and conducted a professional evaluation of each candidate in a scientific and fair manner as an independent third party before producing the final all-star list of best companies of different sizes, business sectors and development stages, representing the highest level of human resource management in different domains.

This award is yet another heavyweight recognition JALA has received after being awarded the designation of “Top Chinese Enterprise in Performance Excellence Model Implementation” in 2013 and the “Shanghai Quality Award 2014”。


JALA stays committed to the managing concept of “Contribution and Growth”.

In 2012, JALA introduced the talent development strategy of “People Development before Business Growth”。

In 2013, JALA established its own Comprehensive Evaluation System, a proprietary staff evaluation system developed by its Human Resource Center based on comparative studies, to measure employees’ overall contribution in job achievement, behavior and contribution to the organization, thus evaluating staff performance both inside and outside their work.

In 2014, by combining work plan implementation with performance assessment, JALA redesigned and optimized its performance management system, integrating offline evaluation with online entry and scoring on office automation platform.

In 2015, JALA further improved is staff evaluation system by adding “potential” on top of “performance” and “behavior” in the evaluation to better identify different types of talents. At the same time, it adopted the 70-20-10 development model (70% on-the-job practicing, 20% coached operation, and 10% off-the-job training) to enable different types of employees to further develop and enhance their work capacities. 

In its 14 years of fast development, JALA’s mission of “Creating the World Class Chinese Brand” has continuously attracted like-minded top talents from different countries, industries and companies。 Every step of JALA’s growth is sustained by the contribution of each and every one of its employees。

Over the years, JALA has committed itself to improving the fairness and soundness of its performance assessment and evaluation by continuously upgrading its relevant tools。 Nevertheless, there is still much room for improvement and JALA has great potential in terms of understanding performance management and the use of tools。 In this regard, the award serves as an encouragement for JALA to effectively manage and grow with its employees and lead the industry in performance management。 

In corporate management, the implementation of any management tool requires time。 We believe that only by having a sustainable evaluation system can we achieve a “win-win” situation for both employees and the company。

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