Chinese Cosmetics Brand Chando Lightens the Path to China's First Diving Gold Medal

Release time : 2016-08-11

As Chando's Olympic ambassador, the well-known actor from China's popular TV series Ode to Joy, Yang Shuo passed the Chando Vitality Bottle to the Chinese diving team before the game。 He was also present at the event on the afternoon of August 7th to cheer for the athletes。 Witnessing the entire process of the final game, he excitedly acclaimed that, "Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao display their ultimate perfections and also demonstrate the beauty and the confidence of Chinese women to the world。" Wu claimed her fourth consecutive gold in 3-meter synchronized diving, becoming the first woman to win five golds in the same event at the Olympics。 Chando's encouragement lights up the first Rio gold of China's diving team。



Embrace your imperfections and achieve the best you can be

Chando supports China's diving team in clinching the first Rio gold

Wu Minxia and Shi Tingmao smiled with full of confidence when they stood on the podium。 As Wu has ever said on Weibo, "It is time to go on the springboard, I hope everyone all over the world noticed our splendor," she achieved。 Domestic cosmetics brand Chando, the official partner of China's diving team, refines a sympathetic conclusion from their stories behind the championship, "Embrace your imperfections and achieve the best you can be," when conducting an in-depth interview with the diving team。


Ten points is a perfect score for divers。 Through countless days and nights of training and constantly breaking limits and pushing forward, Wu finally achieved the best and showed her perfection to the public。 The path to the champion is to embrace imperfections and approach the best of yourself。

Chando cooperates with China's diving "dream team" again to jointly define the beauty

After the first cooperation with China's diving team at the Olympic Games in London four years ago, Chando cooperated again with them at the Rio Games. This derives from the Chando's proposal that encourages Chinese women to present their fascination with confidence and also corresponds to the dream of pursuing perfection. This time, they jointly encourage Chinese women to be the best they can be because "you are born to be beautiful."

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