JALA’s MAYSU Designated Sole Official Partner in Cosmetics of the China Pavilion for the EXPO Milano 2015

Release time : 2016-01-26


On April 2 in Shanghai, Jala Group (JALA), along with its high-end brand MAYSU, entered into an official agreement with the China Pavilion for the EXPO Milano 2015, which made MAYSU the sole official cosmetics partner of the pavilion for this year’s event. MAYSU will design a special look for the hostesses at the pavilion complete with an exclusively-designed “Makeup Set for the EXPO Milano 2015 China Pavilion”. During the EXPO, a boxed makeup set offered by MAYSU, “the Rosy Youth”, will be presented to all VIP visitors at the China Pavilion as a national gift of China.


Liu Yuliang, Executive President of JALA, signing the agreement with the China Pavilion for the EXPO Milano 2015

JALA has been an active participant in the World Expositions, where civilizations around the globe gather and communicate with each other. Committed to introducing the essence of the Eastern life art and values to the rest of the world, JALA joined the Expo 2010 Shanghai five years ago as China’s only cosmetics exhibitor and a Chinese industrial leader, proudly representing China in the global feast of the cosmetics industry. Now in 2015, JALA is ready to continue its ties with the World Expo through the designation of its MAYSU brand as the sole official partner in cosmetics of the China Pavilion for the EXPO Milano 2015.

Following its mission of encouraging and promoting the beauty of modern Chinese women, MAYSU is poised to showcase the fashions and charms of Chinese women at the EXPO Milano 2015. The specially designed look for the hostesses at the China Pavilion named “Peach Blossom”, which symbolizes happiness, features the watery amber-colored eye shadows that bring out the naturally delicate eyes, coupled with a peach-colored blush that extends faintly to the ears and a highlighted fuchsia pink on the lips. The subtle sweetness of the overall look so perfectly shows the unique elegance and charm of modern women in China that it awakens all the senses at a glimpse.


As a national gift of China presented to VIP visitors, the Rosy Youth gift box contains elements from China’s enduring legacy。 Inspired by a traditional beauty recipe of the Yi people in Yunnan Province, it is produced using the highly nutritious “rose honey” as the base ingredient which is extracted with sophisticated modern techniques combined with traditional approaches from a mix of carefully selected wild rose petals with the nectar。 Based on this product, MAYSU has joined hands with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in launching charity projects that are expected to preserve the traditional handicrafts of the Yi people including the “rose honey” making and the embroidery, while encouraging the ethnic minority women to start their own business to promote the economic empowerment of women and conserve the traditional ethnic heritages including the revived precious beauty recipe。  


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