Closer to Their Dreams Testimonials of JALA Chando Women Scholars at Oxford

Release time : 2016-01-26

Editor's note:To empower Chinese women’s successful career development to become future business leaders, the Oxford-Chando Outstanding Women’s Scholarship was announced on October 16, 2015。 Three Chinese women have been awarded this scholarship。 Below is from an interview conducted by the Oxford Saïd Business School。


A new scholarship was created in October 2015 by the Saïd Business School of Oxford University and Chando, the brand of China’s largest cosmetics group JALA in Shanghai, to fund Chinese women’s MBA studies at Oxford。 

This scholarship is the very first one awarded by the University of Oxford exclusively for Chinese women, which will cover part of their expenses in the one-year MBA program. All applicants for the academic years 2015/16 and 2016/17 will stand a chance to win the scholarship. It aims to support outstanding Chinese women’s MBA studies at Oxford and to advance their professional and personal development. 


Now let’s hear what the three winners of the scholarship have to say about their experience at Oxford, their dreams, and the significance of the scholarship。 


Yin Chen: I want to be a venture capitalist to help small business entrepreneurs in China. At Saïd Business School female students are less than one third, because most company executives are still dominated by men.


Xiyu Ma: My long-term goal is to have my own asset management company. The Oxford Saïd-JALA Chando Scholarship has given me the confidence to know what I want to do and what my step should be. This scholarship means a lot to us women students; it helps us get closer to our dreams.


Jingjing Weng: For me, the scholarship does not only help me financially but also provides me a rare opportunity to study in a world-class business institute. 

JALA Group has been dedicated to making Chinese women more beautiful, not only externally but more so internally. For this simple purpose, JALA Chando decided to collaborate with the world-class Oxford University to broaden Chinese women’s horizon on the international arena. This will be a valuable life experience for them as well. 

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